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Perfect Services for every type of Website
Perfect Services for every
type of Website


*Price is exclusive for WP Maintenance Package.


*This price is exclusivity for the WordPress Maintenance Package.


We work with maintenance packages for WordPress. This packages helps you to save time spending on work for your website maintenance, like updates and solving problems.

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We work with “website packages” for WordPress. This packages we will make your dream website and our vision. Read more on the “Website Packages” pages for all the options.

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*Price is exclusive for WP Reinvent Package.


*This price is exclusivity for the WordPress Reinvent Package.

We create stunning content with different style and possibilities.

Have you just started a business or do you just have a nice hobby that you want to share, or would you just like to blog and share photos and videos with your own website? Maybe you already have a website (WordPress) but don’t want to spend too much time on it? Are you too busy with other activities or do you not know how to maintain the website?

With Mario Land WebDesign you are at the right place. We can maintain your website for you, or make a new website or resurrect an old website, all with your own twist!

** We work with package. All packages are based on working on distance (Smart Working)


We work with WordPress only, WordPress is an free and open-source Content Management System also used in the term “CMS”. With features such as plugins and themes and WordPress runs on PHP and a MySQL database. And it’s usually used to create “Blogs”. WordPress is used by more than 60 million people and 75 million websites all over the world. With these plugins and themes gives more power and flexibility to the websites with his easy interface, which reduces development and deployment time.

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We will make together an planning from the process start until the launch of your website.

We share all the information that we both need and what is necessary. There is always room for questions at any time!

Mario Land WebDesign is building your website in the meantime you will receive also updates about how is going the process.

In this part of the process means that we are reaching the end of the process for launch your website.

When the last things on the website/plugins and the last checks are finished. We are launching your website.